30. novembra 2023



This game is played while communicating with the switchboard via the admin portal. In order to play, you need to register on the site. Your nickname is your name in the game. Please note that any activity that is not in accordance with the law does not belong in the game. In case of violation of the legal conditions, the account will be deleted. If you want to fight, you need the necessary experience and game tools that are part of Alveria. Alveria duels are allowed only to players with a legitimate warrior card. The character is chosen by everyone and is chosen from magical positions. The game runs according to the timeliness of the admin, who assigns tasks and rewards as he determines. All information is available via Whatsapp at the number 00421944777412. It is necessary to have an identification number with which the player engages in conversations with the admin, who is the Tsar. The Emperor assigns tasks and rewards according to his own ever-changing criteria. Awareness is the most important part of the game. The identity card must have the Arvest Business Industry stamp of Erik Taraba, which covers the entire game. This game is global and anyone can participate in writing in English. Payments are made manually via internet banking and all payments are subject to taxation in the Slovak Republic of this internet company. All rights are reserved via copyright on the site and any imitations and copies will be legally challenged on the basis of the intellectual property of the organizer Erik Taraba. We wish you pleasant entertainment!


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